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Get the latest complete game-by-game stats and video highlights of former NBL Adelaide 36ers center and current Hiroshima Dragonflies player 7'3" Kai Zachary Sotto (born May 11, 2002), son of former PBA player Ervin Sotto, a member of the Mythical Five and was named Finals MVP of the UAAP Season 80 juniors basketball tournament averaging 17 points, 12.3 rebounds, and 6.3 blocks in the three-game title playoffs. Kai earns FIBA U16 Asia Championship Mythical First Team selection and the most efficient player of the competition with a rating of 21.5, after averaging 16.8 points, 13.5 rebounds, and 2.5 blocks.

It’s official. Kai Sotto has agreed to an overseas offer (Hiroshima Dragonflies of the Japan B.League) during the NBL off-season, as he continues the pursuit of his NBA dream. “A new opportunity for me is really good and another opportunity for me to play basketball, I’m excited. I didn’t want to spend a lot of time not playing, I’m lucky I’ve been offered this deal.” - Kai (via Adelaide 36ers news)

NBA Summer League 2023 (July 7-17) @ Las Vegas, NV:
July vs. -----------/--/--/---
July vs. -----------/--/--/---
July vs. -----------/--/--/---
July vs. -----------/--/--/---
July vs. -----------/--/--/---

Japan B.League 2023 (Hiroshima Dragonflies):
March 8, 2023 (L) 78-86 vs. Ryukyu18:551020134/72/20/1VID
March 15 (W) 102-95 vs. Kyoto22:452080109/142/20/0VID
March 18 (W) 90-72 vs. Ibaraki22:5121120138/125/50/1VID
March 19 (W) 87-83 vs. Ibaraki22:241493027/130/00/1VID
March 22 (L) 88-90 vs. Nagoya D23:37844143/72/20/0VID
March 25 (W) 81-70 vs. Toyama23:51496122/50/00/0VID
March 26 (W) 94-77 vs. Toyama17:071060013/54/60/0VID
April 1 (W) 92-76 vs. Kyoto23:091462225/104/50/0VID
April 2 (W) 76-63 vs. Kyoto18:331181035/100/01/2VID
April 5 (W) 73-65 vs. FE Nagoya14:00 232011/40/00/0VID
April 8 (W) 80-71 vs. Shimane21:32863014/80/00/1VID
April 9 (L) 88-100 (OT) vs. Shimane21:021350025/73/30/0VID
April 12 (W) 99-69 vs. Osaka23:54 581122/41/20/0VID
April 15 (L) 88-91 vs. Nagoya D23:091481005/84/60/0VID
April 16 (L) 83-91 vs. Nagoya D21:07680003/70/20/0VID
April 19 (W) 99-88 vs. Shiga24:5314121116/122/20/1VID
April 22 (L) 80-83 vs. Shinshu BW7:19021000/30/00/0VID
April 23 (POSTPONED) vs. Shinshu BW-------/--/--/--
April 29 (W) 87-74 vs. Shimane17:471282014/84/50/1VID
April 30 (L) 65-87 vs. Shimane12:47331001/11/20/0VID
May 6 (L) 71-78 vs. Ryukyu17:25740013/61/10/0VID
May 7 (W) 73-70 vs. Ryukyu14:02332111/31/20/0VID
May 13 (W) QF Game 1 72-70 vs. Chiba Jets15:52741113/41/20/0VID
May 14 (L) QF Game 2 69-98 vs. Chiba Jets25:49663203/90/00/1VID
May 15 (L) QF Game 3 91-96 vs. Chiba Jets5:13220001/20/00/0VID

NBL 2022-2023 Season (Adelaide 36ers) @ Australia:
2022-2023 Averages (27 Games) Adelaide 36ers (#11 Jersey)12.806. (51%)1.3/1.8 (72%)0.1/0.7 (14%)FULL STATS

FIBA World Cup 2023 Asian Qualifiers (4TH WINDOW):
August 26, 2022 (L) 81-85 vs. Lebanon31:201080025/110/20/1VIDEO
August 29, 2022 (W) 84-46 vs. Saudi Arabia22:1416130044/108/110/1VIDEO

NBL 2021-2022 Season (Adelaide 36ers) @ Australia:
Dec 3 (L) 73-85vs. Perth Wildcats DID NOT PLAY (knee soreness)
Dec 5 (L) 71-81vs. Illawarra Hawks DID NOT PLAY (knee soreness)
Dec 9 (W) 83-80vs. Tasmania Jackjumpers DID NOT PLAY (knee soreness)
Dec 12 (W) 98-85vs. New Zealand Breakers DID NOT PLAY (knee soreness)
Dec 18 (L) 67-93vs. Cairns Taipans9:50132020/01/40/0-
Jan 18 (W) 87-74vs. Perth Wildcats DID NOT PLAY (coach's decision)
Jan 22 (L) 78-97vs. Melbourne United16:19680103/50/00/0-
Jan 24 (L) 89-100vs. Illawarra Hawks13:521250002/78/80/0-
Jan 28 (L) 71-76vs. Tasmania JackJumpers 16:261220014/44/60/0-
Jan 30 (W) 90-83 OTvs. Melbourne United21:151241004/74/50/1VIDEO
Feb 11 (L) 73-77 [VIDEO]vs. Brisbane Bullets15:07650103/40/00/0VIDEO
Feb 20 (W) 82-71 [VIDEO]vs. Cairns Taipans12:22560031/43/40/0VIDEO
Feb 25 (L) 71-87 [VIDEO]vs. Illawarra Hawks15:17663012/42/30/0VIDEO
Feb 27 (L) 90-93 [VIDEO]vs. Sydney Kings 11:13200101/40/00/0-
March 4 (L) 76-83 [VIDEO]vs. S.E. Melbourne 18:58492132/40/20/1-
March 6 (L) 73-92 [VIDEO]vs. Perth Wildcarts 7:56000000/10/00/0-
March 12 (L) 75-84vs. New Zealand Breakers 20:231470005/83/41/1-
March 18 (W) 83-57vs. Cairns Taipans17:26281020/72/20/1-
March 20 (L) 74-101vs. Melbourne United19:031241005/91/21/2-
March 27 (W) = 100-92vs. S.E. Melbourne15:44451112/40/00/0-
April 1 (L) 72-80vs. Tasmania JackJumpers17:21640103/40/20/0-
April 3 (L) 91-92vs. Brisbane Bullets4:33321001/31/20/1-
April 9 (L) 77-84vs. Sydney Kings16:30841013/42/20/1-
April 11 (L) 85-93vs. Brisbane Bullets17:342130007/86/81/1-
April 14 (W) 82-70vs. Perth Wildcats12:27230000/22/20/0-
April 17 (W) 90-82vs. Sydney Kings14:15730113/61/10/1-
April 22 (L) 91-94vs. S.E. Melbourne15:381640005/105/61/2-
April 24 (W) 93-60vs. NZ Breakers20:211270045/121/41/1-

NBL Pre-Season (Adelaide 36ers) @ Australia:
Nov 14 (W/OT 91-87)vs. Cairns Taipans19:57751013/81/20/1-
Nov 16 (W 63-56)vs. Perth Wildcats DID NOT PLAY
Nov 21 (W 82-80)vs. Tasmania Jackjumpers DID NOT PLAY
Nov 26 (W 97-93)vs. Perth Wildcats DID NOT PLAY
Nov 28 (W 72-67)vs. Brisbane BulletsDID NOT PLAY

FIBA OQT (Gilas Pilipinas) Venue: Aleksandar Nikolic Hall, Belgrade, Serbia
July 1, 2021 (L)vs. Serbia20:161052203/134/40/3VIDEO
July 2, 2021 (L)vs. Dominican Republic19:01841014/70/00/0VIDEO

FIBA Asia Cup 2021 Qualifiers (Gilas Pilipinas) Venue: AUF Gym - Angeles, Pampanga, PHI
June 20, 2021 (W)vs. Korea19:591070003/84/50/2VIDEO
June 18, 2021 (W)vs. Indonesia18:31772012/73/40/0VIDEO
June 16, 2021 (W)vs. Korea18:071172104/93/40/1VIDEO

NBA G League 2020–2021 (G League Ignite):

National Prep Showcase 2019 (New Haven, Connecticut):
Nov 23, 2019 (L)vs. St. Thomas More31:001470116/92/20/1VIDEO
Nov 22, 2019 (L)vs. Putnam Science23:002053017/136/80/1VIDEO

FIBA Under-19 Basketball World Cup 2019
July 8 (L)vs. New Zealand29:32884224/60/00/0-
July 7 (W)vs. China12:57520011/23/40/0-
July 5 (L)vs. Australia31:0612121235/131/41/1-
July 4 (L)vs. Serbia30:091383015/103/80/2-
July 3 (L)vs. Russia30:521471066/92/20/0-
July 1 (L)vs. Argentina33:541782166/105/70/2-
June 30 (L)vs. Greece30:1413103035/115/110/0-

Kai Sotto Full Game Statistics / Batang Gilas U19 (Tune Up Game @Qatar):
June 26vs. Al Rayyan-Qatar----------
June 24 (W)vs. Al Rayyan-Qatar26:571922127/105/70/0VIDEO

Kai Sotto Full Game Statistics / Ateneo Blue Eaglets (2019 NBTC Nationals):
Mar 20 (L)vs. Filam Sports USA33:332480007/1410/160/1-
Mar 19 (W)vs. LPU-CAVITE29:17351510111/1812/161/2VIDEO

Kai Sotto Full Game Statistics / Ateneo Blue Eaglets (2019 NBTC Nationals):
Mar 20 (L)vs. Filam Sports USA33:332480007/1410/160/1-
Mar 19 (W)vs. LPU-CAVITE29:17351510111/1812/161/2VIDEO

Kai Sotto Full Game Statistics / Ateneo Blue Eaglets (Season 81 UAAP Basketball Juniors Division):
Feb 22 (L)vs. NU34:5726251045/1916/190/0-
Feb 18 (L)vs. NU34:2916153057/142/50/0-
Feb 15 (W)vs. FEU26:402283015/912/210/0-
Feb 10 (W)vs. AdU27:5117175127/133/60/1-
Feb 3 (W)vs. DLSZ26:17262030310/156/80/0NEWS
Jan 23 (W)vs. UPIS19:4618115016/115/61/2VIDEO
Jan 20 (W)vs. FEU35:50272240110/207/110/2VIDEO
Jan 16 (W)vs. UE26:2030810113/194/70/1VIDEO
Jan 13 (L)vs. NU34:30241851310/191/43/3VIDEO
Dec 15 (L)vs. NU31:5923133045/1213/180/0NEWS
Dec 12 (W)vs. UE25:5624731211/181/21/2NEWS
Dec 8 (W)vs. UPIS27:00361130314/178/100/1NEWS
Dec 2 (W)vs. DLSZ28:5011134033/55/110/0NEWS
Nov 25 (L) vs. FEU38:5831141069/1513/170/0NEWS
Nov 18 (W)vs. AdU28:1827203015/817/250/1NEWS
Nov 11 (W)vs. UST30:5024133147/1110/130/1NEWS

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