UAAP Live Updates, Schedule, Standings, & Results (Season 85) Men's Basketball 2022

UAAP Live Stream 2022
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UAAP Free Live Stream, Updates, Team Standings, Schedule and Results. The University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP), established in 1938, is an athletic association of eight Metro Manila universities in the Philippines. The eight member schools are Adamson University (AdU), Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU), De La Salle University (DLSU), Far Eastern University (FEU), National University (NU), University of the East (UE), University of the Philippines Diliman (UP), and University of Santo Tomas (UST).

Varsity teams from these universities compete annually in the league's 28 events from 15 sports to vie for the overall championship title, namely, badminton, baseball, basketball, volleyball, chess, fencing, beach volleyball, football, judo, softball, swimming, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis and track and field. [via]. For UAAP Game Tickets click here.

UAAP Men's Basketball Seniors Division Team Standings (Season 85) :

1University of the Philippines (UP) Fighting Maroons00-
2Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU) Blue Eagles00-
3De La Salle University (DLSU) Green Archers00-
4Far Eastern University (FEU) Tamaraws00-
5Adamson University (AdU) Soaring Falcons00-
6National University (NU) Bulldogs00-
7University of Santo Tomas (UST) Growling Tigers00-
8University of the East (UE) Red Warriors00-

UAAP Men's Basketball Seniors Div. Game Schedule, Results, Stats & Replay Video:
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October 1, 2022 (Sat) MOA Arena
(2:00pm) Adamson vs. UST
(4:00pm) UP vs. DLSU

October 2, 2022 (Sun) MOA Arena
(2:00pm) NU vs. UE
(4:00pm) FEU vs. Ateneo

October 5, 2022 (Wed) PhilSports Arena
(11:00am) UE vs. FEU
(1:00pm) Adamson vs. UP
(4:30pm) DLSU vs. UST
(6:30pm) Ateneo vs. NU

October 8, 2022 (Sat) Araneta
(2:00pm) UE vs. Adamson
(4:00pm) UP vs. FEU

October 9, 2022 (Sun) Araneta
(2:00pm) UST vs. NU
(4:00pm) DLSU vs. Ateneo

October 12, 2022 (Wed) MOA Arena
(11:00am) Ateneo vs. UST
(1:00pm) UP vs. NU
(4:30pm) DLSU vs. UE
(6:30pm) FEU vs. Adamson

October 15, 2022 (Sat) MOA Arena
(2:00pm) FEU vs. DLSU
(4:00pm) Adamson vs. NU

October 16, 2022 (Sun) MOA Arena
(2:00pm) UST vs. UE
(4:00pm) UP vs. Ateneo

October 19, 2022 (Wed) MOA Arena
(11:00am) DLSU vs. NU
(1:00pm) Ateneo vs. Adamson
(4:30pm) UE vs. UP
(6:30pm) UST vs. FEU

October 22, 2022 (Sat) Ynares Antipolo
(2:00pm) UP vs. UST
(4:00pm) Adamson vs. DLSU

October 23, 2022 (Sun) Ynares Antipolo
(2:00pm) UE vs. Ateneo
(4:00pm) NU vs. FEU


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Season 84 Full Results:

March 26, 2022 Game Results
FEU def. UST, 76-51 (Abarrientos 18pts)
NU def. Adamson, 71-69 (Felicilda 14pts)
Ateneo def. UP, 90-81 (Ildefonso 19pts)
DLSU def. UE, 71-66 (Winston 22pts)

March 29, 2022 Game Results
Adamson def. UE, 82-66 (Lastimosa 14pts)
Ateneo def. FEU, 79-70 (Ildefonso 17pts, Tio 17pts)
DLSU def. NU, 59-55 (Nonoy 13pts)
UP def. UST, 98-82 (Lucero 18pts)

March 31, 2022 Game Results
Ateneo def. Adamson, 78-47 (Kouame 13pts/10reb)
DLSU def. FEU, 75-65 (Baltazar 20pts/11reb)
UP def. NU, 80-70 (Rivero 19pts)
UST def. UE, 74-62 (Concepcion 25pts)

April 2, 2022 Game Results
NU def. FEU, 73-68 (Clemente 18pts,9reb)
UP def. UE, 81-66 (Rivero 14pts, Lucero 14pts)
UST def. Adamson, 79-72 (Manalang 15pts)
Ateneo def. DLSU, 74-57 (Quarters: 16-11, 35-32, 58-45, 74-57) AdMU: Kouame 16pts 19reb, Ildefonso 12pts, Mamuyac 11pts | DLSU: M Phillips 13pts 10reb, Nonoy 12pts, Nelle 10pts, Baltazar 5pts 12reb

April 5, 2022 Game Results
DLSU def. UST, 75-66 (DLSU: Baltazar 20pts 7reb 5stl, Lojera 15pts, Galman 13pts, M Phillips 8pts 13reb | UST: Cabanero 20pts 10reb, Fontanilla 20pts, Manaytay 9pts, Santos 9pts 5reb)
UP def. Adamson, 73-71 (UP: Lucero 20p, Diouf 16p 15r, Tamayo 11p, Rivero 10p, Cansino 9p | AdU: Lastimosa 18p, Douanga 16p, Zaldivar 14p)
FEU def. UE, 88-74 (FEU: Torres 26pts 8/15 3PT, Ojuola 18pts 19reb, Gonzales 13pts 8ast)
Ateneo def. NU, 74-64 (Quarters: 20-14, 41-33, 58-50, 74-64) AdMU: Ildefonso 14pts, Kouame 12pts 10reb 8blk, Belangel 11pts 7reb, Tio 7pts | NU: Torres 14pts, Clemente 12pts 6reb, Felicida 10pts 6ast, Malonzo 6pts 7reb

April 7, 2022 Game Results
  • UP def. DLSU, 61-59 (UP: Lucero 21pts 14 reb, Tamayo 9pts 11reb, Cansino 9pts 8 reb | DLSU: Baltazar 13pts 10reb, Nelle 13pts, M Phillips 9pts 8reb, Nonoy 9pts )
  • NU def. UST, 82-51 (NU: Torres 12, Figueroa 11pts 7reb, Ildefonso 10pts 6reb, Joson 9pts | UST: Cabanero 11pts 8reb, Concepcion 10pts, Manalang 8pts)
  • Ateneo def. UE, 94-72 (Quarters: 15-15, 39-39, 65-55, 94-72) AdMU: Mamuyac 21pts 9reb 4/7 3pt, Kouame 21pts 13reb 9/11fg, Ildefonso 12pts 5 reb 5ast, Belangel 12pts, Koon 4pts 10reb | UE: K.Paranada 15pts, Pagsanjan 15pts 6reb 4/5 3pt, Escamis 8pts 5reb, N.Paranada 8pts 5reb)
  • FEU def. Adamson, 66-65 (RJ Abarrientos hits game-winning triple!) FEU: Abarrientos 17pts 8reb 3ast, Gonzales 16pts 7reb, Torres 13pts 6reb | AdU: Lastimosa 16pts 6reb, Manzano 12pts 5reb, Douanga 10pts 9reb, Magbuhos 8pts 9reb)

April 9, 2022 Game Results
  • NU def. UE, 77-61 (Quarters: 22-9, 44-21, 68-39, 77-61) (NU: Malonzo 12pts 10reb, Clemente 12pts, Galinato 9pts, Yu 8pts, Torres 7pts 8reb, Tibayan 7pts 7reb | UE: K.Paranada 12pts, Catacutan 11pts, Cruz 10pts 6reb, Pagsanjan 7pts)
  • DLSU def. Adamson, 61-58 (Quarters: 15-15, 30-26, 45-42, 61-58) (DLSU: Manuel 14pts 6reb, Nelle 12pts 4/5 3pts, Winston 10pts, M.Phillips 8pts 7reb, Lojera 8pts 5reb, Baltazar 8pts 5reb 4ast 2blk | AdU: Lastimosa 15pts 7ast, Douanga 11pts 11reb, Sabandal 10pts, Hanapi 9pts, Zaldivar 5pts 7reb)
  • Ateneo def. UST, 91-80 (Quarters: 27-19, 50-34, 74-58, 91-80) (AdMU: Tio 20pts 4/5 3pts, Andrade 10pts 4ast, Koon 9pts, Belangel 9pts, Kouame 8pts 10reb, Mamuyac 8pts 4reb, Ildefonso 6pts 5reb, Lazaro 4pts 11reb | UST: Concepcion 22pts 7reb 6/14 3pts, Manalang 10pts, Fontanilla 9pts 6ast 4reb, Cabanero 9pts 9reb, Santos 9pts 6reb, Pangilinan 8pts)
  • UP def. FEU, 83-76 (Quarters: 14-18, 31-32, 58-50, 83-76) (UP: Lucero 27pts 12reb 3/4 3pts, Tamayo 12pts, Rivero 10pts 6reb, Cansino 7pts, Diouf 7pts 4blk | FEU: Gonzales 20pts 8reb, Ojuola 17pts 13reb, Torres 17pts 5/9 3pts, Alforque 9pts 7reb, Abarrientos 8pts)


April 12, 2022 Game Results
  • UP def. NU, 84-76 (Quarters: 26-14, 42-35, 62-58, 84-76) (UP: Tamayo 21pts 10reb, Rivero 16pts 6reb, Lucero 16pts 8reb, Cagulangan 7pts 8ast, Diouf 7pts 6reb | NU: Clemente 18pts 3/5 3pt, Torres 15pts, Ildefonso 11pts 3/4 3pt, Malonzo 9pts 15reb, Minerva 8pts 6reb)
  • Adamson def. FEU, 64-63 (Quarters: 21-12, 38-34, 50-50, 64-63) (AdU: Lastimosa 17pts 8reb, Manzano 14pts 7/7fg, Peromingan 9pts, Zaldivar 6pts | FEU: Gonzales 20pts 5reb 4ast, Abarrientos 15pts 4reb 4ast, Ojuola 13pts 17reb, Torres 8pts)
  • UST def. UE, 72-61 (Quarters: 11-21, 28-30, 54-51, 72-61) (UST: Concepcion 17pts 11reb 5/9 3pts, Ando 16pts 12reb, Cabanero 11pts, Manalang 9pts 5reb, Fontanilla 7pts 6reb | UE: K.Paranada 17pts 5/10 3pts, Pagsanjan 16pts 9reb, Antiporda 6pts, Sawat 6pts, Cruz 5pts)
  • Ateneo def. DLSU, 75-68 (Quarters: 21-18, 35-32, 60-47, 75-68) (AdMU: Belangel 15pts 6reb, Mamuyac 15pts, Ildefonso 9pts 9ast 7reb, Andrade 9pts 3/4 3pts, Kouame 7pts 9reb | DLSU: Lojera 21pts 6reb, Nelle 20pts, Winston 10pts, Baltazar 10pts 10reb, M.Phillips 3pts 10reb)

April 19, 2022 Game Results
  • UP def. FEU, 73-70 (Quarters: 16-17, 34-37, 57-54, 73-70) (UP: Rivero 19pts 5reb 4/10 3pt, Tamayo 14pts 6reb, Cansino 12pts 4reb, Alarcon 8pts 2/2 3pts, Lucero 7pts 6reb, Diouf 7pts 8reb | FEU: Ojuola 16pts 14reb, Abarrientos 13pts, Gonzales 13pts, Torres 9pts 6reb 3/5 3pts)
  • DLSU def. UST, 112-83 (Quarters: 36-21, 58-46, 86-61, 112-83) (DLSU: Winston 33pts 4reb 14/19fg, Baltazar 17pts 7reb 7ast, Nelle 16pts 6ast 4/4 3pts, M.Phillips 15pts 9reb, Lojera 10pts 6reb | UST: Manalang 14pts 3/8 3pts, Santos 13pts 7reb 3/9 3pts, Concepcion 12pts, Cabanero 11pts 7reb, Ando 10pts, Fontanilla 8pts 6ast 4reb)
  • Ateneo def. UE, 76-63 (Quarters: 20-17, 38-20, 56-44, 76-63) (AdMU: Andrade 19pts 5/7 3pts, Kouame 14pts 15reb, Belangel 13pts, Verano 6pts, Ildefonso 5pts 6reb 5ast | UE: N.Paranada 18pts 5reb, Escamis 13pts 6reb 6ast, Pagsanjan 11pts 5reb 4ast, K.Paranada 7pts, Lorenzana 5pts 7reb)
  • Adamson def. NU, 62-55 (Quarters: 17-11, 31-28, 41-45, 62-55) (AdU: Lastimosa 17pts 5reb 4ast, Hanapi 13pts 5reb, Zaldivar 10pts, Manzano 8pts 9reb, Sabandal 6pts 5reb, Magbuhos 3pts 8reb | NU: Felicida 13pts 2/3 3pts, Torres 7pts, Ildefonso 7pts, Minerva 6pts, Gaye 2pts 13reb, Malonzo 2pts 10reb)

April 21, 2022 Game Results
  • Ateneo def. UST, 101-51 (Quarters: 22-8, 46-21, 80-36, 101-51) (AdMU: Verano 18pts 7reb, Belangel 16pts 5ast 5/8 3pts, Chiu 14pts 8reb, Lazaro 12pts 12pts 7reb, Ildefonso 11pts 7reb 4ast, Kouame 10pts 9reb | UST: Cabanero 18pts, Manaytay 9pts, Fontanilla 8pts 7reb, Manalang 7pts 5reb, Concepcion 5pts)
  • FEU def. NU, 59-57 (Quarters: 14-15, 22-33, 40-49, 59-57) (FEU: Xyrius Torres Game Winning Three; Torres 16pts 4/11 3pts, Ojuola 11pts 11reb 5ast, Sandagon 10pts, Gonzales 7pts 8reb 5ast | NU Clemente 13pts 5reb 4ast, Ildefonso 9pts, Joson 8pts, Minerva 6pts, Malonzo 5pts 6reb)
  • Adamson def. UP, 66-58 (Quarters: 20-12, 36-28, 47-44, 66-58) (AdU: Lastimosa 13pts 5reb 4ast, Hanapi 12pts, Sabandal 11pts 5reb 5ast, Manzano 8pts 11reb, Zaldivar 8pts, Magbuhos 6pts 6reb, Peromingan 5pts 4stl | UP: Rivero 14pts 5reb, Tamayo 12pts 8reb, Diouf 7pts 10reb, Lucero 7pts 7reb, Cagulangan 6pts 5stl, Cansino 5pts 6reb)
  • DLSU def. UE, 85-82 (OT) (Quarters: 9-20, 32-32, 48-57, 69-69, 85-82) (DLSU: Winston 18pts 4ast, Lojera 17pts, Baltazar 14pts 22reb, M.Phillips 12pts 26reb, Nonoy 11pts | UE: Pagsanjan 23pts 10reb, K.Paranada 13pts, Cruz 10pts, Beltran 9pts, N.Paranada 9pts, Escamis 7pts 10reb)

April 23, 2022 Game Results
  • Adamson def. UST, 80-69 (Quarters: 22-21, 41-40, 66-52, 80-69) (AdU: Lastimosa 24pts 6reb, Magbuhos 11pts 8reb, Douanga 9pts 5reb, Sabandal 8pts, Manzano 8pts 5reb | UST: Fontanilla 23pts, Cabanero 13pts 4reb, Manalang 11pts 6reb 5ast, Santos 5pts, Concepcion 4pts 11reb)
  • Ateneo def. NU, 89-75 (Quarters: 29-12, 61-36, 78-49, 89-75) (AdMU: Ildefonso 17pts 9reb, Kouame 16pts, Belangel 9pts 7ast, Chiu 9pts, Verano 8pts 7reb | NU: Felicilda 12pts 8reb 5ast, Figueroa 12pts, Clemente 10pts 6reb, Gaye 9pts, Ildefonso 7pts, Torres 7pts)
  • UP def. DLSU, 72-69 (Quarters: 18-17, 42-31, 56-49, 72-69) (UP: Tamayo 23pts 11reb, Diouf 15pts 18reb, Rivero 11pts 8reb, Lucero 9pts 8reb, Fortea 8pts, Cagulangan 4pts 9ast | DLSU: Baltazar 16pts 12reb 5ast, Winston 16pts, Lojera 13pts, M.Phillips 8pts 14reb, Nelle 7pts 4ast, Nonoy 7pts 5reb)
  • FEU def. UE, 91-61 (Quarters: 24-7, 53-26, 73-40, 91-61) (FEU: Sajonia 17pts, Torres 15pts, Sleat 12pts 7reb 5ast, Abarrientos 12pts 5ast 4reb, Gonzales 10pts 7ast | UE: N.Paranada 15pts, Pagsanjan 10pts, K.Paranada 7pts, Catacutan 7pts, Antiporda 6pts)

April 26, 2022 Game Results
  • FEU def. DLSU, 67-62 (Quarters: 25-15, 42-29, 47-49, 67-62) (FEU: Abarrientos 21pts 5/11 3pts, Torres 14pts 4/9 3pts, Sleat 10pts 4reb 2/3 3pts, Gonzales 9pts 10reb 4ast | DLSU: Nelle 15pts 7reb 5ast 4/11 3pts, Baltazar 13pts 16reb 3ast, Lojera 10pts 7ast, M.Phillips 7pts 8reb, Nwankwo 6pts)
  • UP def. UE, 81-68 (Quarters: 18-8, 44-26, 59-44, 81-68) (UP: Lucero 20pts 14rebs 3ast 3blk, Rivero 17pts 4reb 3/7 3pts, Cansino 8pts 6reb 5ast, Tamayo 7pts 8reb 5ast, Eusebio 7pts 4reb, Diouf 6pts 15reb | UE: Antiporda 15pts 3/7 3pts, N.Paranada 13pts 9reb, Escamis 9pts 11reb 8ast, K.Paranada 8pts, Beltran 7pts, Sawat 4pts 6reb)
  • Ateneo def. Adamson, 91-57 (Quarters: 20-17, 40-24, 65-41, 91-57) (AdMU: Kouame 18pts 9reb 5ast, Daves 18pts 8/10 fg, Koon 8pts 7reb, Ildefonso 7pts 6reb, Belangel 7pts, Padrigao 6pts 3ast, Tio 6pts, Verano 6pts, Mamuyac 6pts | AdU: Lastimosa 16pts, Manzano 8pts 6reb, Yerro 8pts, Douanga 6pts, Barasi 5pts, Hanapi 4pts)
  • NU def. UST, 73-60 (Quarters: 17-12, 36-24, 54-35, 73-60) (NU: Torres 18pts 4reb 4/7 3pts, Felicilda 12pts 9reb, Malonzo 11pts 10reb, Enriquez 9pts, Clemente 9pts 6reb, Joson 6pts 6reb | UST: Cabanero 13pts 15reb, Fontanilla 12pts 5reb 4ast, Manalang 11pts, Ando 7pts 9reb, Canoy 7pts)

April 28, 2022 Game Results
  • NU def. UE, 100-81 (Quarters: 21-20, 52-36, 77-58, 100-81) (NU: Joson 15pts 3/4 3pts, Ildefonso 12pts, Mahinay 11pts 6reb, Manansala 9pts 9reb, Figueroa 9pts, Enriquez 8pts, Malonzo 6pts, Clemente 6pts 4reb | UE: Pagsanjan 16pts 6reb 5ast, Escamis 15pts 5ast 5stl, Lorenzana 14pts 10reb, Cruz 11pts, N.Paranada 10pts 5reb 5ast, K.Paranada 7pts)
  • DLSU def. Adamson, 64-51 (Quarters: 12-13, 27-26, 43-43, 64-51) (DLSU: Winston 19pts 5reb, Nelle 11pts 5reb, Lojera 10pts, Austria 6pts, Baltazar 6pts 6reb, M.Phillips 4pts 9reb 4stl, Nwankwo 4pts 5reb 4blk | AdU: Lastimosa 11pts 4reb, Peromingan 11pts 8reb 3/5 3pts, Sabandal 8pts 4reb, Zaldivar 7pts, Douanga 6pts 8reb)
  • Ateneo def. FEU, 70-53 (Quarters: 17-11, 33-23, 51-34, 70-53) (AdMU: Verano 17pts 13reb, Tio 14pts 3/4 3pts, Belangel 8pts, Ildefonso 8pts, Mamuyac 7pts, Kouame 4pts 7reb | FEU: Abarrientos 12pts 5reb, Gonzales 10pts 7reb 4ast, Torres 8pts 4reb, Alforque 5ts 5reb, Ojuola 5pts 9reb)
  • UP def. UST, 96-67 (Quarters: 26-11, 53-33, 73-53, 96-67) (UP: Rivero 15pts 3/8 3pts, Cansino 14pts 5reb, Lucero 13pts 8reb, Calimag 10pts, Cagulangan 9pts 7ast 5stl, Tamayo 7pts 5reb, Alarcon 7pts 5reb, Fortea 6pts, Diouf 6pts 15reb | UST: Pangilinan 21pts 5/12 3pts, De Liano 9pts 3/8 3pts, Mantua 6pts, Ando 6pts 6reb, Manalang 5pts 5reb 4ast, Fontanilla 4pts 5reb 4ast, Cabanero 4pts 7reb, Manaytay 4pts 7reb)

May 1, 2022 Game Results
  • Adamson def. UE, 65-53 (Quarters: 15-16, 30-22, 47-42, 65-53) (AdU: Sabanda 15pts 5reb, Magbuhos 11pts 10reb 3/4 3pts, Lastimosa 7pts 5reb 5ast, Peromingan 7pts 9reb, Hanapi 6pts, Yerro 6pts, Zaldivar 5pts, Manzano 4pts 12reb | UE: Pagsanjan 13pts 5reb, K.Paranada 10pts, Escamis 9pts 15reb, Cruz 8pts 4reb, N.Paranada 5pts)
  • FEU def. UST, 109-65 (Quarters: 22-15, 49-34, 84-47, 109-65) (FEU: Sajonia 27pts 4reb 7/10 3pts, Abarrientos 11pts 9reb 6ast, Alforque 10pts 7ast 4reb, Gonzales 10pts 6ast 5reb, Sleat 9pts, Ojuola 8pts 13reb | UST: Cabanero 16pts 4reb, Fontanilla 13pts 5reb 4stl, Concepcion 10pts 5reb, Manalang 6pts, Manaytay 5pts 4reb, Pangilinan 5pts 4reb)
  • DLSU def. NU, 76-65 (Quarters: 15-11, 37-25, 54-48, 76-65) (DLSU: Manuel 20pts 5reb 4/9 3pts, M.Phillips 15pts 15reb, Lojera 11pts, Nelle 7pts 11ast 4reb, B.Phillips 7pts 6reb, Nonoy 5pts 5reb, Baltazar DNP, Winston DNP | NU: Figueroa 20pts 14reb 6stl, Malonzo 13pts 7reb, Enriquez 6pts, Mahinay 6pts, Torres 5pts, Tibayan 4pts, Yu 3pts 5 reb, Felicilda 2pts 7reb 4ast)
  • UP def. Ateneo, 84-83 (Quarters: 27-13, 50-44, 70-67, 84-83) (UP: Diouf 18pts 16reb 4ast, Tamayo 16pts 4reb, Spencer 12pts 6reb 3ast, Cansino 11pts, Lucero 9pts 4reb, Rivero 8pts 4ast | AdMU: Kouame 21pts 17reb 4ast 3stl 3blk, Ildefonso 18pts 7reb, Belangel 11pts, Andrade 10pts 3reb, Verano 7pts 8reb, Tio 6pts)

May 4, 2022 Game Results
  • DLSU def. UP*, 83-80 (Quarters: 24-16, 48-37, 66-55, 83-80) (DLSU: Nelle 26pts 7ast 6reb 5/9 3pts, Baltazar 15pts 18reb, Lojera 11pts 5reb 4ast, M.Phillips 7pts 15reb, Austria 7pts, Winston 7pts, Nwanko 4pts 6reb | UP: Diouf 18pts 20reb, Rivero 18pts 8reb 1/10 3pts, Lucero 17pts 6reb 11/12ft, Tamayo 8pts 7reb, Abadiano 7pts, Cagulangan 6pts 6ast 4reb 3stl)
  • Ateneo* def. FEU, 85-72 (Quarters: 16-16, 49-33, 65-48, 85-72) (AdMU: Andrade 16pts, Belangel 14pts, Mamuyac 12pts, Ildefonso 11pts 6reb 5ast, Kouame 9pts 18reb 8ast, Daves 9pts | FEU: Abarrientos 16pts 5reb, Ojuola 13pts 14reb, Bienes 13pts 3/4 3pts, Gonzales 9pts 4ast, Sleat 6pts 3reb, Alforque 5pts 4reb 3ast)
    * twice-to-beat advantage
May 6, 2022 Game Result (Do-or-die)
  • UP def. DLSU, 78-74 (Quarters: 15-22, 39-44, 51-64, 78-74) (UP: Tamayo 19pts 10reb 4stl 9/11 FT, Diouf 14pts 17reb 4stl, Alarcon 14pts 6reb, Rivero 12pts 4reb 3ast 3stl, Abadiano 7pts | DLSU: Winston 26pts 3/7 3pts, Nonoy 11pts 5/5ft, M.Phillips 10pts 17reb, Baltazar 9pts 8reb 4ast, Nelle 6pts 4reb)

FINALS (Best-of-3)

Finals Game 1 / May 8, 2022
  • UP def. Ateneo, 81-74 (OT) (Quarters: 19-17, 31-32, 54-49, 70-70, 81-74) (UP: Rivero 19pts 4stl, Lucero 17pts 13reb, Spencer 13pts 4reb 3/4 3pts, Diouf 10pts 15reb 4ast, Tamayo 10pts 9reb 5stl | AdMU: Kouame 18pts 11reb 4ast 4blk, Belangel 17pts 4reb 4/6 3pts, Verano 17pts 9reb, Mamuyac 7pts, Ildefonso 6pts 9reb 4ast)
Finals Game 2 / May 11, 2022
  • Ateneo def. UP, 69-66 (Quarters:17-16, 37-28, 49-45, 69-66 (AdMU: Kouame 14, Tio 14, Ildefonso 10, Mamuyac 7, Belangel 6, Koon 6, Verano 4, Lazaro 3, Andrade 3, Chiu 2, Daves 0 | UP: Tamayo 18, Rivero 16, Cagulangan 8, Lucero 8, Diouf 8, Alarcon 5, Spencer 3, Fortea 0, Abadiano 0, Lina 0)
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GAME 3 / May 13, 2022 (Fri) MOA Arena
  • UP def. Ateneo, 72-69 (OT) (Quarters: 11-17, 27-31, 47-46, 59-59, 72-69) (UP: Diouf 17pts 9reb, Cansino 14pts, Cagulangan 13pts 5reb 4ast | AdMU:)
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