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FilBasket 2021
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Filipino Basketball League or Filbasket is an upcoming amateur basketball league in the Philippines, scheduled for opening in 2021. Founded by two-time UAAP champion Jai Reyes of Nueva Ecija Rice Vanguards (MPBL). Filbasket is a league that aims to improve the basketball industry in the Philippines by providing a stable, long term and inclusive platform for the fans and players

Filbasket will open the league with its "Inaugural Tournament" (The Filbasket Subic Championship) in a bubble setup, a short tournament format where all levels are invited including international teams. In the elimination Round, 10 teams will play for a single round robin match-up and top 4 seeded teams after the elimination round will qualify for the semifinals round and both winners will battle for The Championship.

In the future, Filbasket will have its "Regular Season" where teams represent cities and have home courts. The league and its teams will be run as businesses with the goal of building their respective brands to assure longevity and growth of the league.

Filbasket Team Standings

1AICC Basketball Team 82+1
2Davao Occidental Tigers - Cocolife 73-1
3San Juan Knights - Go for Gold 73-1
4Nueva Ecija Bespren 64+1
5Pasig - Sta. Lucia Realtors 64+2
6Medical Depot64+3
7EOG Sports - Burlington64+1
8MTrans Buracai De Laiya Batangas City 55-1
97A - PRIMUS (x)28-7
10FSD Makati Army (x)28-1
11Muntinlupa Defenders (x)010-10

FilBasket Game Schedule Results, Stats, Scores and Replay Video:
Venue: Subic Bay Gymnasium

October 28, 2021 Game Results:
San Juan Knight def. 7A Primus, 81-59
EOG Sports def. Nueva Ecija, 97-74
Davao Occ. def. AICC Manila, 90-87 (OT)

October 29, 2021 Game Results:
Medical Depot def. Muntinlupa, 85-70
7A Primus def. FSD Makati, 84-79
MTrans Batangas def. Sta. Lucia, 87-72

October 30, 2021 Game Results:
Nueva Ecija def. Davao Occ., 74-73
AICC Manila def. Medical Depot, 72-63
San Juan def. EOG Sports, 77-69

October 31, 2021 Game Results:
Nueva Ecija def. Pasig Sta. Lucia, 70-68
MTrans Batangas def. FSD Makati Army, 102-88
7A Primus def. Muntinlupa, 84-74

November 1, 2021 Game Results:
AICC Manila def. EOG Sports, 95-91 (OT)
Davao Occ. def. Medical Depot, 70-58
San Juan def. MTrans Batangas, 83-77

November 2, 2021 Game Results:
AICC Manila def. Muntinlupa, 99-64
Pasig Sta. Lucia def. 7A Primus, 80-53
FSD Makati def. Nueva Ecija, 88-86

November 3, 2021 Game Results
Medical Depot def. San Juan, 69-67
Davao Occ. def. FSD Makati, 82-69
EOG Sports def. MTrans Buracai, 86-83

November 4, 2021 Game Results
Nueva Ecija def. Muntinlupa, 96-91
AICC Manila def. 7A Primus, 117-108
Davao Occ. def. Pasig Sta. Lucia, 68-66

November 5, 2021 Game Results
Medical Depot def. MTrans Batangas, 99-93 (OT)
San Juan def. FSD Makati, 83-81
EOG Sports def. Muntinlupa, 103-67

November 6, 2021 Game Results
AICC Manila def. Nueva Ecija, 94-82
Davao Occ. def. 7A Primus, 86-83
Pasig Sta. Lucia def. EOG Sports, 72-58

November 7, 2021 Game Results
Venue: Subic Bay Gymnasium
MTrans Batangas def. Muntinlupa, 90-77
Pasig Sta. Lucia def. FSD Makati, 84-64
Nueva Ecija def. Medical Depot, 79-76 (OT)

November 8, 2021 Game Results
EOG Sports def. 7A Primus, 102-79
AICC Manila def. FSD Makati, 86-83
Davao Occ. def. San Juan, 120-115 (2OT)

November 9, 2021 Game Results
Pasig Sta. Lucia def. Medical Depot, 78-65
San Juan def. Muntinlupa, 92-66
AICC Manila def. MTrans Batangas, 81-78

November 10, 2021 Game Results
EOG Sports def. Davao Occ., 76-69
Nueva Ecija def. 7A Primus 95-92
Medical Depot def. FSD Makati, 81-68

November 11, 2021 Game Results
MTrans Batangas def. 7A Primus, 82-75
Davao Occ. def. Muntinlupa, 108-50
San Juan def. Pasig Sta. Lucia, 72-70

November 12, 2021 Game Results
Medical Depot def. EOG Sports, 94-80
FSD Makati def. Muntinlupa, 103-89

November 13, 2021 Game Results
San Juan def. Nueva Ecija, 104-65
MTrans Batangas def. Davao Occ., 101-96
Pasig Sta. Lucia def. AICC Manila, 78-74

November 14, 2021 Game Results
Medical Depot def. 7A Primus, 86-72
EOG Sports def. FSD Makati, 105-85

November 15, 2021 Game Results
Nueva Ecija def. MTrans Batangas, 93-87
Pasig def. Muntinlupa, 101-70
AICC Manila def. San Juan, 75-69

November 16, 2021 Game Results
(QF1) AICC Manila* def. MTrans Batangas, 75-65
(QF2) Pasig Sta. Lucia def. Nueva Ecija*, 99-79
* = Twice-to-beat

November 17, 2021 Game Results
(QF3) Davao Occ.* def. EOG Sports, 88-81
(QF4) San Juan* def. Medical Depot, 88-73
* = Twice-to-beat

November 18, 2021 Game Results
(QF2) Pasig Sta. Lucia def. Nueva Ecija, 79-66

November 19, 2021 Game Results
(SF1) AICC Manila def. Pasig Sta. Lucia, 88-68
(SF2) San Juan def. Davao Occ., 85-84

November 20, 2021 Game Result
San Juan def. AICC Manila, 80-74

November 21, 2021 Game Result
AICC Manila def. San Juan, 74-70

November 22, 2021 (Monday)
Venue: Subic Bay Gymnasium
(FINALS GAME 3 / Do-or-die)
AICC Manila def. San Juan, 72-68

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