Gervonta Davis Knocks Out Ryan Garcia in the 7th Round (VIDEO)

Photo credit: John Locher/AP

Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia Fight Results. Undefeated knockout specialist Gervonta "Tank" Davis (29-0, 27KOs) defeated the 24-year-old Ryan “KingRy" Garcia (23-1, 19KOs). Davis floored Garcia in Round 2 before finishing him off with a body shot in Round 7 of their highly anticipated non-title catchweight bout at 136 pounds at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on Saturday, April 22, 2023 (Sunday, April 23, PHL time).

Gervonta Davis landed a precise left hook to the body of Garcia, causing a delayed reaction and ultimately forcing Garcia to take a knee with 1 minute and 30 seconds remaining in the seventh round, Garcia was temporarily immobilized and unable to respond to the referee's count in time, resulting in a technical knockout victory for Davis.

Davis vs. Garcia Fight Card Results:
Gervonta Davis def. Ryan Garcia, via KO7 (VIDEO BELOW)
David Morrell def. Yamaguchi Falcao, via KO1
Bektemir Melikuziev def. Gabriel Rosado, via UD10
Elijah Garcia def. Kevin Salgado, via UD10
Fiodor Czerkaszyn def. Elias Espadas, via TKO9
Vito Mielnicki Jr def. Jose S Charles, via KO4
Floyd Schofield def. Jesus V Leon, via TKO2
Lorenzo Simpson def. Pachino Hill, via UD6
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Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia Live Round-by-Round Updates:

ROUND 1: Garcia takes center ring first and measures with a jab that doesn't find the range. Garcia noticeably taller in the ring. Davis laying back and letting Gacia walk to him as he uses some lateral movement. Davis feints and steps off the line, ducks, and steps off the line again. Garcia jabs up top and makes partial contact. Garcia jabs and misses and Dabis falls short on a body shot. Garcia throws a combination but it doesn't make much contact. Davis feints and measures with his jab. Garcia the busier fighter in a slow round. Garcia 10-9. [via]

ROUND 2: Garcia comes out aggressively but doesn't find the range on a jab. Davis slips the next jab from Garcia. Garcia throws a combination and Davis clinches. Garcia wants to fight and Davis is holding and gets a warning about it. More holding from Davis and Garcia tries to wrestle him and both get a talking to from the referee. Right hand lands over the top for Garcia and Davis holds again. MONSTER COUNTER LEFT FROM DAVIS DROPS GARCIA HARD! Garcia gets up and looks steady on his feet. Both fighters trade and Davis lands a good one. Davis 10-8. [via]

ROUND 3: Garcia comes out still on the hunt, coming right after Davis. Davis moving around the ring and looking to line up another power shot. Davis slips a jab and says some words to taunt Garcia. Garcia jabs and Davis tries to counter with a left that doesn't quite land clean. Davis jabs to the body but misses. Counter left comes from Davis again that makes partial contact. Jab lands to the body for Davis, Garcia lands a hook to the body right back. Davis lands a jab upstairs. Davis starting to come forward on Garcia now and looking to land down to the body and loop hooks upstiars. Straight left lands for Davis. Davis 10-9. [via]

ROUND 4: Garcia comes out pressing Davis right away and looks to the body with a left hand. Left hook lands to the body for Garcia, Davis lands a straight left to the body of his own. Davis tries to counter jab over Garcia. Garcia throws some long jabs but can't land it clean, Davis can't land his counter to the body. Now Garcia makes contact with a right hand. Jab lands clean for Davis. Straight left lands to the body for Davis. Right hand lead lands for Garcia. Counter left lands for Davis as he pivots off. Garcia lands a short right on the inside. Davis 10-9. [via]

ROUND 5: Garcia misses on a jab. Garcia misses on a jab to the body. Davis feints several times as he slides across the ring looking for an angle to score. Garcia misses on a lead right. Garcia jabs to the body. Right hook lands for Davis, then another body shot. Davis holds and spins Garcia a few times. Garcia just misses on a jab to the body. Davis 10-9. [via]

ROUND 6: Garcia needs to find a more consistent way to use his physical advantages in this fight. Davis has been using his footwork to out-tactical Garcia for the first half of this fight. Hard right hand lands for Garcia, then another, then one more! Best shots of the night for Garcia. Jab lands for Garcia. Straight left lands to the body for Davis. Both fighters miss on big shots at close range. Right hand from Garcia lands, and left as Davis gets one shot back. Right hand from Garcia makes decent contact to the body. Garcia 10-9. [via]

ROUND 7: Davis calls a timeout to have the referee take a look at Garcia's loose tape. Now Garcia lands a good shot right after. Straight left from Davis lands upstairs. Now Garcia lands a lunging right hand followed by a left. BODY SHOT DROPS GARCIA ON A DELAYED REACTION! Shades of De La Hoya vs Hopkins. He can't beat the count! DAVIS KO-7. [via]

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