Earn Up to 100% Crypto Cashback with SocialGood App (Lazada, Zalora, Ebay)

"Get Crypto for Free while Shopping" Philippines and Worldwide

The Social Good Foundation Inc. (Location: Tokyo, Japan) aims to reduce global economic disparities and improve society for everyone with app features that allow users to accumulate cryptoassets simply by shopping on a daily basis while using the app.

Online Stores:
Lazada (100% Crypto Cashback)
Zalora (100% Crypto Cashback)
eBay (100% Crypto Cashback) and many more...

Download and Install SocialGood App for Free with a signing bonus of $25* worth of SocialGood coins for Android and IOS. INSTALL NOW (click here) (use referral code: 64AV9P to qualify for a free $25 bonus)

Consumers who shop at partner stores (like ebay, Zalora, Lazada, Shopee, Nike, adidas, Huawei, alibaba, aliexpress, Galleon, DHGate, and 160+ more online stores) using the SocialGood App, can get the company’s originally issued cryptoasset (SocialGood, abbreviation: SG) for free. As per coinmarketcap as of September 21, 2021, the value of 1 SocialGood coin = ₱144 ($2.87). *Signing bonus of $25 = user need to make his/her first purchase of $25 worth of items at any partner shops wherein they can get a guaranteed $25 bonus worth of SG coin. Example: John purchase $25 worth of items on eBay (you need to use SocialGood app while shopping on ebay); he will be rewarded $25 worth of SocialGood coins (more or less 7 SocialGood coins = around PHP1,221 in today's exchange rate).

Is SocialGood App Legit or Scam?
100% LEGIT

Where is the SocialGood App Whitepaper?
You can see the SocialGood Official Whitepaper here

How To Withdraw SocialGood App earnings
(1) via Bittrex
(2) via BitMart
(3) via Metamask | use Ethereum contract: 0xddf7fd345d54ff4b40079579d4c4670415dbfd0a

SocialGood App Reviews and Testimonials
SocialGood App was reviewed by popular Youtuber, VoskCoin, Take a look at an honest take on our SocialGood app service from one of the largest and fastest-growing cryptocurrency channels in the world! Watch the full review video here and click here for more user testimonial.

About the SocialGood Team, Social Good Foundation Inc.
All of SocialGood’s actions are based on our belief in “making society better.” The way we change the world is by connecting the world with cryptoassets and creating an expanding ecosystem where all individuals, companies and society as a whole, succeed. SocialGood is providing a worldwide smartphone service that will allow individuals to accumulate assets and contribute to society just by shopping.

Main Office:
Social Good Foundation Inc.
18F West Tower Otemachi First Square
1-5-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

CEO: Soichiro Takaoka
Business Category: A Social Contribution-Type Shopping Network Business Utilizing AI and Blockchain

SocialGood App Official Website: socialgood.inc
Corporate Website: socialgood-foundation.com
Contact Form: socialgood-foundation.com/contact
Telegram: t.me/SocialGood_io
Twitter: twitter.com/socialgood_inc

Download and Install SocialGood App for Free with a signing bonus of $25* for Android and IOS. INSTALL NOW (click here) (use referral code: 64AV9P to qualify for a free $25 bonus)

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