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Jones Cup 2024 Live Updates, Standings, Schedule and Live Stream Information. The 43rd William Jones Cup is scheduled to take place at Xinzhuang Gymnasium in New Taipei City, Taiwan from July 13 to 21 for the men's event, while the women's event was held from July 6 to 10. The team with the best win-loss record after the single round-robin will be declared the champion.

The Gilas Pilipinas Women (2-3) finished 4th overall in the 6-team women's division, while Strong Group Athletics will represent the Philippines in the 9-team men's division.

Strong Group Pilipinas Roster: Ange Kouame, Kiefer Ravena, Rhenz Abando, Jordan Heading, RJ Abarrientos, Dave Ildefonso, Geo Chiu, Caelan Tiongson, Allen Liwag, Tony Ynot, Jonathan Manalili, DJ Fenner, Chris McCullough (import) and Tajuan Agee (import). (Head coach - Charles Tiu, assisted by Rajko Toroman)

Jones Cup 2024 Team Standings (MEN)

Strong Group Pilipinas (GOLD) 80+8
Chinese Taipei A (SILVER)71-1
Ukraine (BRONZE) 62+6
Harimau Malaysia53+2
Chinese Taipei B44+1
Japan U2235-4
Future Sports USA17-7
Brisbane South Basketball League (BSBL) Guardians17-2
United Arab Emirates NT17-3

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Jones Cup 2024 Full Schedule and Results:
(All times are Philippine Time, GMT+8, Same time as Taipei)

πŸ€ July 13, 2024 Game Results (DAY 1)
Strong Group def. UAE, 104-79
USA def. BSBL, 69-65
Malaysia def. Taipei B, 84-79
Taipei A def. Japan U22, 85-65

πŸ€ July 14, 2024 Game Results (DAY 2)
Strong Group def. BSBL, 91-69
Japan U22 def. USA, 67-63
Taipei B def. UAE, 89-59
Taipei A def. Ukraine, 83-58

πŸ€ July 15, 2024 Game Results (DAY 3)
Malaysia def. UAE, 83-70
Japan U22 def. BSBL, 76-65
Strong Group def. Ukraine, 82-74
Taipei A def. USA, 82-76

πŸ€ July 16, 2024 Game Results (DAY 4)
Ukraine def. BSBL, 98-57
Malaysia def. USA, 109-67
Japan U22 def. UAE, 82-78
Taipei A def. Taipei B, 82-77

πŸ€ July 17, 2024 Game Results (DAY 5)
UAE def. USA, 77-63
Ukraine def. Japan U22, 63-47
Strong Group def. Malaysia, 89-54
Taipei B def. BSBL, 90-78

πŸ€ July 18, 2024 Game Results (DAY 6)
Strong Group def. USA, 112-90
BSBL def. UAE, 100-93
Ukraine def. Taipei B, 77-50
Taipei A def. Malaysia, 86-66

πŸ€ July 19, 2024 Game Results (DAY 7)
Strong Group def. Japan U22, 92-79
Ukraine def. Malaysia, 74-65
Taipei B def. USA, 108-97
Taipei A def. UAE, 100-68

πŸ€ July 20, 2024 Game Results (DAY 8)
Malaysia def. Japan U22, 79-72
Ukraine def. UAE, 94-50
Strong Group def. Taipei B, 96-70
Taipei A def. BSBL, 97-80

πŸ€ July 21, 2024 (Sun)
Malaysia def. BSBL, 86-76
Ukraine def. USA, 82-78
Taipei B def. Japan U22, 80-75
Strong Group def. Taipei A, 83-79 (OT) (16-12, 41-34, 55-50, 73-73, 83-79)

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Jones Cup 2024 Final Standings (WOMEN)
Japan Universiade (GOLD)5010
Chinese Taipei Blue/A (SILVER)419
Chinese Taipei White/B (BRONZE) 237
Gilas Pilipinas Women (4th) 237
Thailand (5th)237
Malaysia (6th)055

WOMEN (July 6-10)

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