Terence Crawford Destroys Errol Spence Jr. (VIDEO)

Photo credit: Screenshot via Showtime/PBC fight stream

Errol Spence Jr. vs. Terence Crawford Fight Results and Replay Video. Terence “Bud’’ Crawford (40-0-0, 31KOs) delivered a masterful performance against the previously undefeated former champion, Errol “The Truth’’ Spence Jr. (28-1-0) throughout the scheduled 12-round, 147-pound title unification fight, Crawford showcased his dominance, scoring three knockdowns before securing a decisive victory in the ninth round.

Referee Harvey Dock wisely intervened at 2:32 of the ninth round as Crawford's relentless barrage of power punches left Spence bloodied and battered, sending him reeling across the ring from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, July 29, 2023 (Sunday, July 30, PHL time).

Here is the video highlights of Crawford stopping Spence after 3 wild knockdowns, uploaded by SHOWTIME Sports.

Spence vs. Crawford Main Card Results:
Terence Crawford def. Errol Spence Jr., via TKO9 (Spence down once in round two and twice in round seven)
Isaac Cruz def. Giovanni Cabrera, via SD12 (115-112 & 114-113 for Cruz, 114-113 Cabrera)
Alexandro Santiago def. Nonito Donaire Jr., UD12 (115-113, 116-112, 116-112)
Yoenis Tellez def. Sergio Garcia, TKO3
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Spence vs. Crawford Undercard Results:
Steven Nelson def. Rowdy Montgomery, via UD10
Jose Salas Reyes def. Aston Palicte, via TKO4
Justin Viloria def. Pedro Borgaro, via TKO4
Demler Zamora def. Nikolai Buzolin, via UD8
DeShawn Prather def. Kevin Ventura, via UD6
Jabin Chollet def. Michael Portales, via TKO2

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Errol Spence Jr. vs. Terence Crawford Live Round-by-Round Updates:

ROUND 1: Crawford opens southpaw, so both men that way to start. Both men trying to claim center ring, but Crawford as expected more willing to circle on the outside. Feeling out process early. Spence made the first real forway about halfway through the round, nothing significant but in a close round a couple of raids probably lands him the round. Crawford counters one of those raids with a left upstairs that backs Spence off, but still, 10-9 Spence. [via]

ROUND 2: Spence presses more immediately in the second. Leans in and Bud holds. Then Spence overcommits a bit coming in and Crawford lands a counter combination. Spence responds by upping the volume more. Crawford, as usual, taking some time to see what Spence has. Crawford shoves Spence back, which could be noteworthy, Spence is supposed to be the bigger stronger guy. And Crawford drops Spence! Spence tried to disengage and got caught off balance. Hunting him in the corner and the bell saves Spence! He looks recovered, but that’s a bad start. 10-8 Crawford. [via]

ROUND 3: Spence doesn’t look hurt, it was a flash knockdown, but Spence has to watch his balance. Now Spence tries to get it back, really bullying into the corner. Crawford shoves him off and backs him up again with a jab. It really could be significant that Spence does not appear to have the strength advantage. He’s pushing hard but he’s getting backed up and he isn’t finding safe routes to disengage. Caught again as he steps back. And a right hook wobbles Spence a bit with thirty seconds to go. Spence probably too eager to get the knockdown back, giving Crawford too many openings. 10-9 Crawford. [via]

ROUND 4: Once again Spence gets caught coming in too hard. Crawford starting to work the body now, and Spence’s nose is all bloodied up. He’s doing work himself, don’t mistake me., but all the sharpness is with Crawford. And a big left backs up Spence! Spence is not in a good way, Crawford is beating him up now. A minute and a half to go and Crawford is on fire. He’s making Spence look average. Spence is now in a bind- he knows he has to push but every time he does he’s geeting smashed up. Crawford works the body again. The round ends with Spence on the backfoot, and this is becoming very one-sided. Spence has to find something. It’s not clear what that might be. Sounds like the referee called for the doctor to look at Spence in the break. 10-9 Crawford. [via]

ROUND 5: Yep, the doctor in the ring for Spence. He’ll let it continue though. Possibly an overabundance of caution by Harvey Doc, but better that than the opposite. Crawford lighting Spence up again when they do restart. Spence coming in with his jab, working the body, pulled up for low blows. Double jab and clubbing left by crawford. Then Spence comes in and eats a right hook. Quite frankly he’s panicking here. Right hook to the body, right upstairs, and an uppercut, all by Crawford. Spence lands a big left and Crawford felt that for the first time. Crawford responds by pushing him back with a jab. Better by Spence in this round but still a clear 10-9 Crawford. [via]

ROUND 6: Crawford is willing to push forward consistently now. Spence responds by trying to work downstairs and back him up that way. The left over the top is a good punch for him, but Crawford landing almost at will. And a big right followed by a left buckles Spence briefly! The referee pauses it again to warn Spence for low blows again. Seems harsh. Probably helped him though, since Bud had him hurt. Crawford trying to up the tempo, and he is, but Crawford finding space for unorthodox punches that still carry power in close. Uppercuts are a money punch for him too. 10-9 Crawford. [via]

ROUND 7: Spence pushes again, needing to take over, but Crawford catches him and pushes him back very quickly. Spence becomes hesitant. Pushes forward again and gets dropped again! He has no answers for what’s coming at him. Huge lefts over the top, then a right. Harvey Doc watching carefully. Crawford backs off a bit now, letting Spence work and looking for counters. And a big right drops Spence again at the end of the round! 10-7 Crawford. [via]

ROUND 8: Crawford comes out walking Spence down, and wobbles him with a left over Spence’s jab. It’s hard to see a way back into this for the Texan. Now he backs off a bit and tells Spence ‘come at me’. Soence is in recovery mode, though. Or survival mode. Either way, he’s not willing to step in because he doens’t know how to stay safe when he does at this point. Crawford stabbing with body jabs and then wobbles Spence with a combination. Spence tries to respond, but he’s being wobbled by jabs. 10-9 Spence. [via]

ROUND 9: Crawford looking relaxed. Spence… not so much. And a jab snaps his head back again. Everything Crawford lands is having an effect. Body jabs working him and now he picks up the pace and starts landing combinations. The referee and corner have to think about this. Spence runs in with a combination, misses and is clubbed with a left hook. And Now Crawford wobbles Spence, ref Harvey Dock stops it! Absolute domination! [via]

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Terence Crawford def. Errol Spence Jr., via TKO9

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