Brandon Figueroa beats Mark Magsayo by Unanimous Decision (Video Highlights)

Photo credit: Esther Lin / SHOWTIME

Brandon “The Heartbreaker” Figueroa (24-1-1, 18 KOs) defeated the former WBC featherweight champ Filipino Mark “Magnifico” Magsayo (24-2, 16 KOs) via twelve round unanimous decision. All three judges at ringside gave Figueroa the decision 117-109, 117-109 and 118-108 for the vacant Interim WBC Featherweight Title in the main event of a “Showtime Championship Boxing” tripleheader from Toyota Arena in Ontario, California on Saturday, March 4, 2023 (Sunday, March 5, PHL time).

In the eighth and eleventh rounds, Magsayo was penalized by referee Thomas Taylor for both hitting and holding.

Magsayo vs. Figueroa Main Card Results:
Brandon Figueroa def. Mark Magsayo, UD12 (117-109, 117-109, 118-108)
Armando Resendiz def. Jarrett Hurd, via TKO10
Elijah Garcia def. Amilcar Vidal, via KO4
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Magsayo vs. Figueroa Undercard Results:
Terrell Gausha def. Brandyn Lynch, via KO9
Travon Marshall def. Justin DeLoach, via KO3
Samuel Teah def. Enriko Gogokhia, via UD8

Brandon Figueroa vs. Mark Magsayo (Highlights) VIDEO

Mark Magsayo vs. Brandon Figueroa Live Round-by-Round Updates: [via]

ROUND 1: Figueroa jabs and steps back immediately to maintain range. Right hand lands to the body for Figueroa. Figueroa switching stances early and often and now Magsayo goes to the body with a right hand. Figueroa continues to switch stances and now lands a left hand from the southpaw stance before stepping in close and mauling Magsayo on the inside. Body shot scores for Figueroa just before the bell. Figueroa 10-9. [via]

ROUND 2: Right hand lands over the top for Magsayo. Big right hook misses for Magsayo this time. Lead hook doesn't land clean for Magsayo. Magsayo lands to the body and jumps out of range. Both fighters trade at center ring and Magsayo gets the better of it. Magsayo tries to double the right hand this time. Figueroa lands a quick one-two up top. Both fighters trading and landing heavy shots now! Left hook gets in for Magsayo. Magsayo 10-9. [via]

ROUND 3: Both fighters getting right to it now and fighting at close range as Figueroa is ready to war it out now. Magsayo is catching Figueroa pretty well as he comes in recklessly. Two hooks land for Magsayo. Two straight punches lands for Figueroa. Magsayo lands a hook and then ties up on the inside. Right hook lands well to the body for Figueroa this time. Double right hook lands to the body for Magsayo. Figueroa gets off some punches with Magsayo on the ropes before he ties him up and forces his way back to center ring. Combination comes from Magsayo this time but he doesn't make much contact. Double left hook lands for Figueroa. Figueroa 10-9. [via]

ROUND 4: Right hand lead misses for Magsayo. Magsayo lands the right hand this time before getting tied up and now both fighters get a warning about holding from the referee. Hook lands for Figueroa. Left hook lands to the body for Magsayo. Two straight shots land clean for Magsayo, who follows it up with a few more moments later. Right hook lands to the body for Figueroa, but Magsayo comes back with two. Right hook lands for Magsayo. Magsayo 10-9. [via]

ROUND 5: Figueroa comes out pressing the action immediately and he wants to start imposing himself more. Figueroa making sure to stay as close to Magsayo as possible, as often as possible, to make him feel the consistent pressure. Left hook lands as a counter for Magsayo, then a couple of good right hooks. Figueroa lands a good left hand to the body at close range. Right hand from Magsayo scores as Figueroa lands his jab. Straight left hand scores for Figueroa. Now Magsayo lands a good counter in between and follows it up with a few more punches that gets a smile out of Figueroa. Magsayo 10-9. [via]

ROUND 6: Figueroa comes after Magsayo who nearly turns away from him after a couple. Figueroa sticks a jab and looks to get closer. Magsayo warned again about holding. Left hook lands for Figueroa. Three straight punches land on Figueroa. Left lands to the body for Figueroa. Left hand lands clean for Magsayo but Figueroa fires back. Now Magsayo lands a couple and leans on the neck of Figueroa. Two clean shots land for Figueroa which stun him a bit and swings the round back in his favor for me. Figueroa 10-9. [via]

ROUND 7: Figueroa pressuring and landing a right hand up top. Left hand lands for Figueroa on the inside, then an uppercut. Double left hand lands for Figueroa. Another couple of hooks come from Figueroa. Figueroa throws a combination and Magsayo is trying his best to smother as much of the attack as possible. Now Magsayo falls to the canvas as he tries to dive in to smother another attack from Figueroa. Magsayo might be starting to feel the effects of the pressure of Figueroa. Figueroa 10-9. [via]

ROUND 8: Magsayo misses on a right hand to start the round. Now an accidental low blow causes a quick break in the action to get things back under control. Uppercut lands for Figueroa to the body. Now the referee takes a point from Magsayo for holding. Two uppercuts land for Figueroa at close range. Magsayo tries to time a big right hook. Left hand from Magsayo lands to the body and Figueroa comes back with his own. Double right hand lands for Magsayo. Long combination comes from Magsayo that rattles off the face of Figueroa. Another combination comes from Magsayo but he doesn't land this one so well. Magsayo 9-9 (referee takes a point from Magsayo for holding). [via]

ROUND 9: Right hand lands up top for Magsayo. Both fighters throwing power punches but neither landing in this sequence. Magsayo lands another right hand lead. Uppercut lands for Figueroa on the inside. Right hand lands for Figueroa. Magsayo looking a little hurt to the body here. Magsayo lands a few good counters off the ropes. Right hook lands on the inside for Magsayo again. Now Magsayo looks to the body with his right hand. Magsayo 10-9. [via]

ROUND 10: Both fighters miss on punches and end up in a clinch. Left hand scores for Figueroa. Right hook lands up top as Magsayo throws a combination up top. Right hand from Magsayo scores to the head. Figueroa working his hands and gets in a couple good ones as Magsayo counters. Now a hook has Magsayo a hunched over a little but he's still trying to fight Figueroa off of him. Magsayo goes down but it's rules a push down and not on a punch. Magsayo looking a little weak to the body and he nearly goes down again but careful not to grab as doesn't want to get a another point taken for holding. Figueroa 10-9. [via]

ROUND 11: Figueroa comes after Magsayo quickly as he sense he'son weak legs. Magsayo does indeed look a little shaky here but he's hanging tough. Right uppercut lands to the body for Figueroa, Magsayo lands a hook up top. Left hook lands upstairs for Magsayo. Magsayo holding but doesn't get grief from the referee this time. Another point taken from Magsayo for holding. Right hook from Magsayo misses. Short punches from Figueroa graze Magsayo who is trying to smother the action without getting DQ'd. Figueroa 10-8 with the point deduction. (referee takes another point from Magsayo for holding). [via]

ROUND 12: Magsayo needs a stoppage or a few knockdowns (or a few point deductions the other way) to get back into this on my card. Both fighters trading hooks with Magsayo on the ropes. Magsayo tries to push Figueroa back without grabbing his arms. Right to the body for Magsayo. Two more rights come from Magsayo who then throws a combination. Both fighters trading a bit but it's a little sloppy action. Magsayo basically falls to the canvas once more as he's so tired. Right hook lands up top for Figueroa. Magsayo throws a combination and I'm going to edge this round to him. Magsayo 10-9. [via]

OFFICIAL SCORECARDS: 117-109, 117-109, 118-108 all for Figueroa
OFFICIAL RESULTS: Brandon Figueroa def. Mark Magsayo via UD

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