TimeStope App, Earn Crypo for Free

TimeStope witness code: pilipinas

Step 1.
Install TimeStope App.

Step 2.
Create an account, use witness/referral code pilipinas to complete your registration.

What is TimeStope?
TimeStope is a world of new currency system.

Is TimeStope Legit?
Yes, TimeStope is legit.

Is TimeStope a Scam?
TimeStope is not a scam.

How to join TimeStope?
You must be invited by the witness. (input pilipinas as witness

Who is Witness?
After you successfully signed up your account in TimeStope, you are called a witness.

What are the benefits of being a witness?
You can get TIME everyday.

What is TIME?
TIME is a cryptocurrency used in TimeStope. The unit of TIME is τ. 1τ = 1 hour.

How to make TIME?
When you become a witness, you can gain TIME by spending your time during the Stopeterm.

How many TIME will I get?
Everyday, you will obtain 60% (14.4τ), and distribute 40% (9.6τ) to your witness.

How to earn more TIME?
In TimeStope, TIME will be used like money.

How TIME is used?
In TimeStope, TIME will be used like money.

How long is the Stopeterm (TIME collecting period)?
Stopeterm has 2-year validity period.

How to extend the Stopeterm ?
Every time a witness invites 250 people, the Stopeterm will be extended by 24 months, and the it increases even if the attendance score reaches a certain

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