Yordenis Ugas Upsets Manny Pacquiao via Unanimous Decision (VIDEO)

Photo credit: Patrick Fallon/AFP

The 35-year-old WBA Welterweight Champion Yordenis Ugas (27-4, 12KOs) of Cuba upsets the eight-division world champion and 42-year-old Senator Manny Pacquiao (62-8-2, 39KOs) of the Philippines via unanimous decision on Saturday night, August 21 (Sunday afternoon in Manila, August 22) in front of 17,438 attendance in T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

The defending champion Ugas gets the nod on all three judges scorecards: Judge Dave Moretti 116-112, Judge Patricia Morse Jarman 115-113, and Judge Steve Weisfeld 116-112. Yordenis Ugas has taken down a legend in Manny Pacquiao and pulls of the career-defining upset and has won 12 of his last 13 fights. Ugas express interest in unification showdown against the WBC/IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr.

As per ESPN, Manny Pacquiao loses in a title fight for the 5th time in his career; his career record in world title fights is now 21-5-2.

PPV Fight Card Results:
Yordenis Ugas def. Manny Pacquiao, via UD (115-113, 116-112, 116-112)
Robert Guerrero def. Victor Ortiz, via UD
Mark Magsayo def. Julio Ceja, via TKO 10
Carlos Castro def. Oscar Escandon, via TKO 10

Pacquiao vs. Ugas Undercard Results:
Angel Contreras def. John Dato, via UD
Jose Valenzuela def. Donte Strayhorn, via TKO 4
Frank Martin def. Ryan Kielczweski, via UD
Steven Torres def. Justin Rolfe, via TKO 1
Burley Brooks vs. Cameron Rivera (Split Draw)
Mickel Spencer def. Eliseo Villalobos, via UD

Manny Pacquiao vs. Yordenis Ugas Live Round-by-Round Updates:

ROUND 1: Both fighters meet center ring and Pacquiao leads with a couple of jabs as he tries to measure before unloading a quick barrage of punches on Ugas. Ugas lands a jab upstairs. Ugas tries a counter uppercut now. Left hand from Pacquiao falls short and then throws a flurry of punches with Ugas on the ropes. Ugas pivots and pushes Pacquiao to the ropes until he gets stung by a Pacquiao shot that leaves Ugas smirking. Pacquiao falls short on some punches as he can't lock in the range. Jab lands for Ugas. Pacquiao charges forward and gets pushed down by Ugas as Ugas ducked low. [via]

ROUND 2: Ugas lands the first jab of the round and has Pacquiao moving his head a little bit more. Double jab from Pacquiao misses. Jab lands again for Ugas. Straight left lands for Pacquiao who then gets in a jab of his own, then an counter. Straight left lands for Pacquiao this time. Right hand lands for Ugas. Hard right lands to the body for Ugas. Straight left lands for Pacquiao again. Ugas gets back on his jab. Quick combination comes from Pacquiao. Ugas leads with his own right hand. Ugas gets warned to keep his punches up. [via]

ROUND 3: Jab to the body falls short for Ugas. Pacquiao comes in with a combination that doesn't land and Ugas just pushes Pacquiao off of him. Ugas tries a jab and then another one to the body. Counter jab lands for Pacquiao this time. Right hand comes in for Ugas and Pacquiao tries to respond with a quick combination. Looping right hook gets blocked by Pacquiao. Counter jab lands for Ugas. Pacquiao gets in a left hand upstairs. Pacquiao comes in and lands a shot that puts Ugas to the ropes. Pacquiao wants to mix it up here and Ugas is willing to match him if need be. Pacquiao lands a combination and Ugas gets in one in return. [via]

ROUND 4: Hard right hand lands to the body for Ugas following a double jab. Pacquiao wants to respond and lands his own hard left to the body. Hard shot from Ugas lands a little low and the referee calls a timeout to give Ugas a stern warning and Pacquiao time to recover. Counter jab lands for Ugas but Pacquiao responds with a flurry and Ugas wants to counter at the end. Sweeping right makes contact for Ugas. Right hand from Ugas gets blocked. Jab from ugas pierces the guard. Right hand from ugas gets in. Pacquiao lands his own jab this time. Ugas pops his own jab right back as the fighters take turns. Both exchange and Ugas slips to the canvas. Close round I'll edge to Ugas. [via]

ROUND 5: Pacquiao comes out with a double jab that falls short. Lead left from Manny doesn't land clean. Jab and left lands for Pacquiao. Ugas gets on his jab and Pacquiao lands his own. Jab from Ugas lands, then a right hand. Right hook from Ugas gets partially blocked. Right hand makes better contact for Ugas to the body. Straight left from Pacquiao makes partial contact. Pacquiao lands a couple shots and Ugas gets one back. Quick punches from Pacquiao make contact. Ugas tries to respond and Pacquiao and Ugas exchange at the bell. [via]

ROUND 6: Ugas presses forward and lands a jab. Pacquiao can't find the mark on a lead left. Right hook lands to the body for Ugas. Pacquiao throws a combination that doesn't land. Right hand from Ugas makes contact and now pacquiao comes back and throws three punches. Double jab from ugas makes contact. Pacquiao throws three quick punches that don't really make much impact. [via]

ROUND 7: Both fighters trade jabs to start the round. Right hand from Ugas gets blocked. Right hand lands to the body for Ugas this time, then a counter jab. Now Pacquiao lands a combination and Ugas wants to counter right away. Ugas lands a right hand at the end of a three punch combination. Right hand lands again for Ugas. Pacquiao fires off three punches that don't land as well as he'd like. Jab from Pacquiao makes contact. Ugas gets in a right hand. Both fighters trade at the bell. [via]

ROUND 8: Pacquiao lands a left hand after Ugas gets in a ajb. Right hook lands for Ugas. Left hand lands for Pacquiao upstairs. Jab lands for Pacquiao. Ugas lands a sweeping hook. Right hook lands again for Ugas and Pacquiao comes back with a combination that doesn't land to hard. Lead left from Pacquiao as he steps to the side. Left lands for Ugas. Right hand lands again for Ugas. [via]

ROUND 9: Pacquaio went to touch gloves and Ugas blasted him with a right hand. Crowd chants for Pacquiao and Ugas pushes him down. Yet again, all referee Russell Mora does is issue a warning. Getting a little absurd with the warnings. Needs to deduct a point. They exchange jabs. hard straight left from Pacquiao, who then fires off a combination. A left to the body from Ugas. [via]

ROUND 10: A combination from Pacquiao. Ugas hit a right and then Pacquiao unloaded with another flurry to stagger the Cuban. The crowd is going wild here. Pacquiao goes for the finish but Ugas grabs. A one-two for Pacquiao. A three-punch combo for Ugas. A right to the forehead of Pacquiao. Another right from Ugas but Pacquiao ends the round with a right of his own. [via]

ROUND 11: A hard right from Ugas. A left lands for Pacquiao. Ugas with a left of his own. A straight from Ugas. A sharp left from Pacquiao. Another big shot from Pacquiao. An uppercut lands for the Senator. An exchange of lefts. A big right sends Pacquiao back a few steps. Another heavy exchange between the two. [via]

ROUND 12: This could be the final round in the legendary career of Manny Pacquiao. A touch of gloves between the two. A thunderous "Manny" chant. A stinging right hand by Ugas to dsend Pacquiao back. An overhand right sends Pacquiao back to the ropes. A left by Pacquiao but Ugas comes back with a right hand. Another right from Ugas. Ugas applying the pressure. Hard left by Pacquiao. A right by Ugas. The crowd is on their feet at the horn. [via]

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Yordenis Ugas def. Manny Pacquiao, via UD (115-113, 116-112, 116-112)

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