John Riel Casimero def. Guillermo Rigondeaux via Split Decision (VIDEO)

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The 31-year-old John Riel Casimero (31-4, 21 KOs) of the Philippines successfully defended his WBO Bantamweight belt against the 40-year-old two-time gold medalist, former WBA and WBO Super Bantamweight World Champion "El Chacal / The Jackal" of Cuba Guillermo Rigondeaux (20-2, 13 KOs, 1 NC) via split decision (116-112 Casimero, 117-111 Casimero, 115-113 Rigondeaux) on Saturday night (Sunday afternoon in Manila) at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California

John Riel Casimero def. Guillermo Rigondeaux, via Split Decision
(116-112 Casimero, 117-111 Casimero, 115-113 Rigondeaux)
Gary Antonio Russell ND Emmanuel Rodriguez
Rau’shee Warren def. Damien Vazquez, via TKO2

Casimero vs. Rigondeaux Undercard Results:
Brandun Lee def. Ezequiel Fernandez, via TKO1
Juan Carlos Payano def. Raymond Tabugon, via KO5
Jonas Sultan def. Sharone Carter, via KO7
Alan Emmanuel Castano def. Christian Aguirre, via KO3
Benjamin Stanoff def. Maycon Oller Da Silva, via UD

Casimero vs. Rigondeaux Highlights: (by Premier Boxing Champions)

John Riel Casimero vs. Guillermo Rigondeaux Live Round-by-Round Updates:

ROUND 1: Rigondeaux flicking out that jab, while Casimero already unleashing power shots. The champ is missing but that's not going to deter him from letting his hands fly. Casimero catches Rigondeaux with a short left hook. The champ catches him with a right and Rigondeaux looks stunned. Rigondeaux falls, but the ref declares that it's not a knockdown. Rigondeaux signals that he was hit behind the head. Casimero definitely stuns Rigondeaux with a sharp right now and the Cuban veteran's legs briefly turn to jelly. (via)

ROUND 2: Casimero on the hunt but Rigondeaux with a sniping left that finds its mark. Another big straight left from Rigondeaux connects. Now, Casimero seems to be thinking about pressing. Rigondeaux counters with a left to the midsection but Casimero responds moments later with a left and right. Rigondeaux is moving around the ring strategically and it's frustrating Casimero, who drops his hands in the waning seconds as if to say 'let's fight.' (via)

ROUND 3: Casimero back to pressing, stalking a moving Rigondeaux around the ring. Rigondeaux punching and connecting while dancing around the ring backwards. Slick boxing from the Cuban. The crowd is booing, wanting to see more action. Casimero has to go to the body to slow Rigondeaux's wheels. The champ grazes Rigondeaux with a combination. A low action round due to Rigondeaux's movement. (via)

ROUND 4: Both fighters punch simultaneously and Rigondeaux connects with a left to the body. Casimero deposits a stiff left to the body. Casimero is the aggressor but has to take more chances. (via)

ROUND 5: Casimero chasing Rigondeaux around the ring and lands a couple of rights for his pursuit. The champ literally has his right hand cocked back as he pressures a bicycling Rigondeaux around the ring. Casimero has to take more chances. Casimero is certainly trying to increase the pressure and unleash the aggression. (via)

ROUND 6: Rigondeaux counters while on his bike but Casimero lands a body shot in the process as well. Rigondeaux sticks in a shrewd left but Casimero bounces him off the ropes with a right. Counter left moments later from Rigondeaux lands. Rigondeaux mocks Casimero by pumping a jab after the bell. Halfway through, Rigondeaux has certainly frustrated Casimero but he must do more than dance. (via)

ROUND 7: A very hard fight to score due to Rigondeaux's style. He's making this a bout of low offensive output. Casimero drops his gloves with about a minute left basically asking Rigondeaux if he's there to fight or not. Rigondeaux drops his gloves to as if to say he's standing right there and come and get him. He chases and lands a right to the body and another, though the second one had him greeted with a counter right instantly. Still, low action, though, due to Rigondeaux's constant movement. Another hard round to score. (via)

ROUND 8: Casimero trying to invest to the body, opens with a right to the midsection. He pressures and lands a left hook to the body and the same shot upstairs. Rigondeaux not letting much else touch him, laterally moving to his left, sharply switching to his right. Rigondeaux snaps Casimero's head back with a counter left hand while moving. Casimero again drops his gloves. Double left hook from Casimero. This round could have gone either way. (via)

ROUND 9: Casimero digs into Rigondeaux's body with a right before going upstairs with a lunging left. Left hand lands for Casimero. Lunging right connects for the champ, too. Being relentless with pressure can be one way to slow Rigondeaux down. Casimero with a stinging body shot on a right hand. (via)

ROUND 10: Rigondeaux's style has thoroughly frustrated Casimero, but the champ seems to be up. Casimero explodes forward, lands and actually gets greeted with an instant exchange for possibly the first time in this fight. Rigondeaux doubles up on the jab. Solid left lands for Rigondeaux during the waning seconds. (via)

ROUND 11: The boos continue here as Rigondeaux keeps his movement going. On one hand, it's astonishing that a 40-year-old Rigondeaux is able to keep moving like this so deep into the fight. But he's not doing enough to seize this fight and due to his constant movement, is also limiting Casimero's output. So, he is certainly making the champ fight his style of fight, but can still lose. A very hard round to score. (via)

ROUND 12: Rigondeaux opens with a straight left hand that connects flush. He counters and connects against the champ. Casimero in pursuit but coming up empty quite a bit. Casimero gestures to his chin, daring Rigondeaux to hit him. Rigondeaux doesn't oblige. This bout can really go either way. (via)

OFFICIAL RESULTS: John Riel Casimero def. Guillermo Rigondeaux via Split Decision (116-112 Casimero, 117-111 Casimero, 115-113 Rigondeaux) Casimero retains his WBO Bantamweight Championship

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