SEA Games 2013 Final Medal Tally


The The 27th SEA Games came full circle on Sunday night with the colorful pageantry of the Closing Ceremony held at Wunna Theikdi Stadium in Nay Pyi Taw. Medal winners were then paraded onto the stadium floor to the beat of martial music – chants of “Myanmar” ringing through the stadium as the hosts entered with their 86 gold, 61 silver and 85 bronze medals. With the procession complete, Myanmar Vice President U Nyan Tun officially announced the 27th SEA Games concluded, as strobe lights searched the sky and a cornucopia of fireworks exploded over the stadium.... [via]

SEA Games 2013 Final Medal Tally


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Photo credit: AFP Photo / SEA Games 2013 / Philippine delegation

Photo credit: Vincent Thian, AP Photo / SEA Games 2013 / Philippine delegation

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Aye Bee Cee said...

So Why Didn't Manny Take That May 5, 2012 Date vs. Him? He Ducked Cotto @ 154 & Mayweather Just To Fight Tim Bradley....Haha..Bob Arum Has Always Known Manny Can't Beat Mayweather That's Why He Won't Match Them Up...

Manny Is GREAT Against Brawlers But Against Boxers He Struggles...

He's Entertaining But Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Will Turn Out Exactly Like


& I Actually Like Donaire...He Was One Of The First To Do Random Drug Tests & He Did It All Year Around So Nobody Can Doubt Him....I'd Like Pacquiao More If He Didn't Let Bob Arum Treat 'Em Like His Bitch....Haha

James Watdapak said...

3 golds p lang....... so f cking Sad!

g force said...

mayfeather dont be a chicken.. said...

why send the Malditas? they might come back without a win

Paimbabaw lang said...

kulelat ang pilipinas eheheheh.

noone said...

asa pa... . . hangan d2 nln tlga tayo sa coruption lng tayo mag no. 1

Paimbabaw lang said...

correct ka dyan no.1 sa corruption.

Bulakenyo Ako said...

A lot of boxing fans dont care who will win or lose. They just want to see the two to slug it out period.

japolmack said...

what happened to Philippine athletes.
8th place..??? whaaaat.

Autumnfrazier said...

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kingcrossroads said...

wow a mayweather fan,so now your saying its all bob arum fault why the match wont take place,what is that another reason or strategy?if mayweather really cares about his health he should be sitting on a couch and retire,why is he fighting other boxer except manny paquiao?

kingcrossroads said...

Mayweather will fight pacquiao,in a CHICKEN DANCE,LOL

mike said...

gaymayweather every boxer put their life in the ring,every boxer care about family and health,admit to the boxing fans that you and your father are afraid of manny pacquiao speed,chicken

renatorivera said...

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